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26 August 2015

For any queries about new or existing W3C membership, or questions about the work of W3C and W3C events, please contact the Australia Office:

Dr. Armin Haller Office Manager Research School of Management Australian National University Post: 26C Kingsley St, Acton ACT 2601 Office: P.A.P. Moran Building 26B, Room 2021, Acton ACT 2601 Telephone: +61 2 612 59774 Email: armin [at] w3 [dot] org Priscilla Kan John Business Development Manager ANU College of Business and Economics Australian National University Telephone: +61 2 6125 6464 Email: priscilla [dot] kanjohn [at] anu [dot] edu [dot] au The Australia Regional Office is hosted by the Australian National University’s College of Business and Economics and College of Computer Science and Engineering.